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Librarian Reserve Corps

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COVID-19 Database Validation Study Opportunity

Phase One of our Database Validation Study is underway. We are accepting volunteers for Phase Two, start date to be determined. This work requires database searching experience. To apply, please complete our volunteer registration form, if you have not already, and then email to express your interest in this project.

Best Practices for Searching During Emergencies

The Librarian Reserve Corps is organizing an international group of information professionals, librarians, expert searchers, and methodological experts to develop a statement of best practices/recommendations for searching during public health emergencies and disasters.

This group endeavors to develop best practices on elements from selecting and evaluating databases to reporting searches to conducting information science research in order to address challenges presented by searching during public health emergencies, to ensure the quality of searches, and to encourage transparency/reproducibility in reporting search strategies.

The group will share its progress in meetings of evidence synthesis and public health experts, a draft statement will be shared with external experts for review, and the statement will be posted as a preprint and formally published as a journal article.

Work on the statement is anticipated to begin late January 2021.To support this working group, the LRC seeks volunteers for administrative, writing, and facilitation roles. See below for more information on each of these roles. These are approximately four-month terms to be filled as soon as possible.

Interested parties should email with the subject line: Best Practices Volunteer Position.

Admin Support: LRC seeks a volunteer to assist in administrative management for the best practices statement working group. The volunteer volunteer will be responsible for tracking attendance and response submissions from participants. They should have experience managing spreadsheets and working in Box. They will work closely with another LRC volunteer, who will be responsible for meeting minutes, for attendance. The admin support volunteer will also ensure submission materials are shared with the synthesis and writing lead (below) and willreport to LRC Co-Director Stacy Brody.

Synthesis & Writing: LRC seeks a volunteer to synthesize key themes from expert responses. As part of thedevelopment of best practices for searching during public health emergencies, expert participants will respond to guiding questions and participate in meetings. This volunteer will help synthesize key themes from written responses and discussions and drive the writing process for the best practices statement. The volunteer should have experience withqualitative research methods. They will work closely with other LRC volunteers, including the LRC volunteer taking meeting minutes and the LRC volunteer collecting written responses to guiding questions. They will also work closely with the facilitation lead todevelop meeting agendas and with LRC Co-Director Stacy Brody. This volunteer will be asked, but not required, to attend working group meetings.

Facilitation: LRC seeks a volunteer to facilitate meetings of the expert working group for development of the statement of best practices for searching during public health emergencies. The volunteer should have experience facilitating focus groups, workshops, and discussions. They will work closely with the synthesis and writing lead to identify key themes/questions for discussion and with LRC Co-Director Stacy Brody. Meeting times will be arranged with the facilitation volunteer.

Volunteer Position Openings

Position Openings

To apply for any of our additional opportunities, please complete the Volunteer Registration Form and submit a resume and cover letter to Please direct all questions to

Our current  position openings are:

  • Volunteer Management Team [volunteers]
  • PR Team [volunteers]

Please see below for detailed position descriptions.

Volunteer Management Team [Volunteer Positions]

Hours/Week Anticipated: 2-4 hours per week per team member

Key Responsibilities for the Team

  • Develop a vision for volunteer management, engagement, and recognition
  • The team of volunteers will support the work of the organization including but not limited to:
    • Onboarding of new volunteers to LRC 
    • Placement of new volunteers in workgroups
    • Regular communication with volunteers, e.g. all-volunteer emails, newsletters, internal volunteer libguides, etc.
    • Maintenance of the volunteer database, LibCRM
    • Recognition of volunteer contributions
  • Develop , review and maintain volunteer agreements, the code of ethics, etc., in collaboration with co-directors, advisors and workgroup leads

Key Deliverables

  • Volunteer Agreement Form, Code of Ethics
  • Volunteer newsletters
  • Volunteer hours reports
  • Volunteer recognition 
  • Reports to workgroup leads regarding barriers and feedback, as reported by volunteers in hours form 

Communication & Reporting Expectations

  • Send bi-weekly report to Co-Directors outlining work accomplished by the workgroup, priorities for the next week, and any barriers faced in completing the work
  • Liaise with working group leads to assess volunteer needs including but not limited to capacity, training, communication and barriers/solutions
  • Coordinate as necessary with the public relations/external communications working group 
  • Discuss any issues and potential solutions with the Business Strategy Adviser 
  • Send lists of volunteers to workgroup leads on a regular basis or as needed 
  • Attend bi-weekly leadership meeting
  • Recommend areas for improvement

Skill Set Requirements

  • Advance knowledge and experience in human resource management
  • Strong interpersonal skills
  • Strong time management 
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Basic knowledge of design 

Please email your interest to after completing our volunteer registration form.

PR Team [Volunteer Positions]

Hours/Week Anticipated: 1-3 hours per week per team member

Key Responsibilities for the Team

  • Maintain our external communications avenues for consistency and accuracy—website and Twitter account
  • Monitor current events to identify developments about COVID-19-related information (latest research, breaking news, etc.) that is of interest to our volunteers and community members
  • Ideate and implement improvements to our external communications to foster authentic engagement with our users
  • Support organization and management of communications assets for communications sustainability

Key Deliverables

  • Create content sharing LRC vision and activities to external stakeholders via our public LibGuide and Twitter accounts
  • If interested, create visual materials to augment external communications
  • Contribute to internal policies and procedures related to communications 

Communication & Reporting Expectations

  • Provide bi-weekly description/report of volunteer activities to Communications Officer for activity report to leadership
  • Liaise with working group lead to assess project progress and address any obstacles
  • Collaborate as necessary with other PR Working Group Members and volunteers in other working groups
  • Discuss any issues and potential solutions with the Business Strategy Adviser 
  • Attend PR Working Group meetings
  • Recommend areas for improvement

Skill Set Requirements

  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Knowledge of or interest in editing LibGuides
  • Experience with social media or interest in learning, particularly Twitter, Hootsuite, and social media analytics and monitoring

Please email your interest to after completing our volunteer registration form.

The Librarian Reserve Corps thanks Springshare for supporting our work in responding to the COVID-19 pandemic by making their platforms available to us!